Courage: the core of creative advertising

In the words of Henri Matisse “Creativity takes courage.” Creativity; impossible to define, impossible to miss. Courage and creativity manifest in man’s magnificence; in endeavours, in architecture and in art. Creativity got man to the moon, built the Opera House and left us the legacy of Da Vinci’s Last Supper. It is energy madetangible. 

In the arena of advertising, creativity is the holy grail. Revered and worshiped, we prostrate ourselves before the altar of our gods; Creativity and her twin sister, Clever. We celebrate creativity with prestigious awards such as the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, for the best in branded communication. This is advertising’s answer to the far more famous film festival of the same city and winning is the mad man’s equivalent of receiving an academy award.

Ad agencies dream of clients who have the courage to embrace creativity. So often clients tell us “think outside the box, be creative” they say…but once presented with the concept they falter. Fear of failure takes hold, constraining creativity in a straitjacket of conservatism, leaching the life from the concept, diluting it to a pale pathetic permutation of the original.  Thus, concerns, of ineffectiveness, of management reaction, of public backlash, ensures the “Free set of steak knives” school of “badvertising” continues.

Of course, there are times when the creative misses the mark completely. We have all seen commercials, that, in seeking to be creative, confound and confuse, leaving us wondering what the product was. We would give examples but we cannot recall the products in order to site them.

The best ads, the shiny bright sparkly ones that capture our attention with their creativity whilst generating sales we would sell our souls for, are those where creativity is employed in the service of effectiveness.  These are the dynamic darts of marketing that hit the target market dead centre with a sound satisfying “thunk”.  So how can this be achieved?

The first step is to arm your agency with that sharpest scalpel of effectiveness, data. Know your core customer better than your partner, understand who they are, what they love and loath, where they sleep, what they eat, read and watch. Secondly provide the agency with your objectives. What is the purpose of the campaign, brand awareness, sales, increased market share? Finally take a big deep breath, have the courage to take the creative road and stay the course; we promise you the risk is worth the reward.
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You’re team are wonderful and I’m glad you shared the basket of goodies to let them know how appreciated they are.

APA Group

A big thank you to you and all your team at DMC! Terrific job, so professional, from the beginning of discussions, right to the last second of the night itself!

Robert Cliff Master Jewellers

We've said it before and we'll say it again: thank you to you and your team for the work that you've put into making our cashback system a reality, your persistence is much appreciated!

Australlian Gas Networks

The DMC team are the most important part of our marketing mix.
They know their stuff!

ANSA Homes

You are wonderful, thank you!

Villa Thalgo Day Spa

Wow wow wow stunning work ...a heart full of thank yous ...after seeing the artwork I wanted one. You have all gone way and above and it sure shows ...amazing. We very much appreciate your passion.

Banyan Tree Residences Brisbane

To the wonderful and fabulous DMC team. Thank you for your passion, creativity and support with our project. We very much appreciate everything you are all doing.

Banyan Tree Residences Brisbane

When I open the link...the heavens looks brilliant....

Q Station Sydney Harbour National Park Manly

You are doing such incredible work for WSABE and I for one am very happy to be working alongside someone like yourself.THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU – YOUR ARE AWESOME!!!

Soiree Events

Thank you to you and your team, for helping with this project. You've made it a lot easier than I thought it could be and the website looks great – I feel that I got great service and great value... Read More

Encompass Wealth Solutions

Thanks so much for everything, you guys have been great ....makes my job much easier.

Elle Events

You are a pleasure to do business with!

Maritime Union of Australia

We’ll be using you again and again...

AV Jennings

Can I just say – you are a STAR!.

Crowne Plaza Parramatta

The feedback I have received form the material you created for us is fantastic.

Safety Services Australia

The support resources you created have generated new business for us at an above average rate.

SCS Technologies

I have consistently found the creative and strategic input to be outstanding.

Wilson Removals

This service quality is rare and should be embraced and commended.

Sydney Graduate School of Management

I must say it is refreshing to find an organisation who practice the art of business partnership with such enthusiasm.”

Sydney Legacy

We hired Stephanie and her team to develop a new logo for the Sydney Graduate School of Management. We got a great result that tested well in the marketplace, a logo that represented just what we... Read More


You guys are AWESOME!!!

BenQ of Marketing Manager

DMC are always fantastic getting back to me when I need information. I am very impressed with the people I deal with.
They always adapt to changing requirements, are extremely responsive and always... Read More

3M (Futuro & Nexcare)

My heartfelt thanks for the outstanding job done on the Ocean views website and the sales brochure. What you guys have achieved has simply blown the minds of our sales agents and office team. It was... Read More

Zulfi and Sons Pty Ltd

Thank you so much for your work on our launch promotion – the creative is fantastic – exactly what I had envisioned... the images are so striking and simple but beautiful and elegant at the same... Read More

Marriott International

Thanks again for all your help. We can always count on you guys to do a wonderfully professional job with no hassles.

Michael Page International

We found DMC to be reliable and professional. DMC was also extremely helpful offering advice and guidance when it was needed. Xacom would recommend DMC to anyone.


It is great to work with a company that proactively seeks to help you to improve your business.

Pan Pacific Hotels Group

You really understood what we were trying to achieve and provided great advice and ideas on how we could better make use of our website. Working with DMC has been an absolute breeze and a joy.

Castle Hill Country Club

On behalf of the Cruise Industry we would like to acknowledge the efforts of all the team at DMC following the success of our inaugural National Cruise Week. From concept to design and final... Read More

Cruise Council of Australia

Your team listen, understand and care about our requests.
Thank you DMC and the team!

Darley Aluminium

Did I mention how FANTASTIC DMC is?

Fluke Australia

The website looks bloody brilliant!

Australian Colonial Homes

Thank you for coming to the rescue so gallantly and at such short notice!


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Community Tranpsort Organisation

I wanted to thank you and DMC for your hard work and persistence in getting all that done with POS kits being designed, produced and sent today. I have indeed found an agency partner that I can rely... Read More

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