When it comes to branding, we dig deep to get the juicy bits. Let us identify your difference, share it, and get people talking about you…nicely.
Your brand is the first impression you make, it’s more than just your logo and a clever tag line…….oh so much more.

It’s your personality, the language you use, your tone of voice, your visual representation, your staff culture and that’s just the beginning. An effective brand is recognisable at a glance, consistent, reliable and honest.
We believe the essence of any brand should be encapsulated in just three words. That’s why we have developed a unique process to define your true brand essence and encapsulate it into three very special words.

We work with you to determine the three words that most accurately define your business essence and starting from that point we build your total branding solution. It’s a fun journey, why not take it with us?

all it takes is "three little words"

Brand Strategy

Working with you (a little bit like Sherlock Holmes) we dig deep to discover your true identity, the true essence of your business and from that we develop your brand strategy and positioning which will form the basis of your visual identity.

Style Guide

Your style guide is the manual that sets out all the rules attached to your brand representation. This will include such elements as fonts, colour palette, logo usage and acceptable imagery. It is important to ensure that these rules are adhered to so that your brand remains true.

Brand & Logo Design

Your logo design is the most important part of your visual identity. It must translate to all media platforms and be easily identified. DMC have worked with many companies to develop their brand and logo identity, we take pride in the results.

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