Is your marketing a lemon?

1. Do you have a marketing plan?
No, not just an idea scratched out on the back of an old envelope – a real plan, one that’s properly documented and able to be shared with your team!

2. How closely do you follow the plan?

I've lost the envelope!
We look at it now and then
Its our daily bible

3. How effective are your current marketing activities?

They don't work
It's a hit and miss kind of thing
Awesome - we are nailing it every time

4. How do you measure the effectiveness of your current marketing?

5. What are the TOP THREE marketing methods you are currently using?

6. How do you ensure repeat purchases from your customers / clients?

7. Do you have a database?
No, not just a shoe box full of business cards! A true database, well constructed and regularly maintained.

8. How often do you communicate with your database?

Every week - we like to nag them
Pretty regularly, well sometimes when we remember
Christmas time and Easter

9. How happy are you with the effectiveness of your website?

Not happy
It will do
We love it

Thanks for completing these quick questions, we will obviously send you a sweet reward as our thanks.

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Its time to recharge your Biz